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Authentic poster of the 'Pericles' brand, known for its high-quality prams and toys. The poster was printed in the 1950s, which can be seen in the typical colors and design of this time.


In 1888 , François De Bussere and Auguste Bovi decided to set up a company in Deinze, namely a "MANUFACTURE DE VOITURES D'ENFANTS, MAIL-CARTS, VELOCIPEDES ETC.". René De Busseré took over the business, founded " LA CARROSSERIE ENFANTINE " in 1906 and introduced the brand in 1927 Pericles. To date, the company still has a good presence in the market and guarantees the high expectations regarding quality.


For almost a century, Deinze has been the center of a prosperous industry, specialized in particular in the manufacture of prams. This city formed the basis for brands such as Torck, Américaine, Forbel, Swan, Souplex, etc.


It was not without reason that the city of Deinze when itNuremberg of the Northcalled. This poster is therefore a nice reminder of the wonderful toys that originated in this city.

Authentic poster of toys Pericles from Deinze, 1951

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  • 1951

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