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This Bauhaus desk lamp (model 6556-T) designed by Christian Dell in the 1930s is a true design classic! The lamp is not only beautiful in its simplicity but also very functional. The movable arm allows you to move it up and down. The ball joint at the back of the shade allows you to easily direct the light beam. The heavy iron base with push button ensures that the lamp remains firmly in place at all times and does not fall over easily.


Considering its age, the lamp is in beautiful condition and has a beautiful patina. The hood was repainted inside at the time, but with respect for the original.


The design of this table lamp is still very beautiful after all these years and is rightly a source of inspiration for many designers to this day.


Christian Dell was born in 1893 in Germany. He started his career as silversmith and on barely aged 29  became leader of the Bauhaus metal workshop. In the thirties he designed a whole series of lamps for the renowned company Gebr. Kaiser & Co.

Bauhaus desk lamp designed by Christian Dell, 1930s

  • The 30's

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