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Pair of beautiful Art Deco vases designed by Charles Catteau in the 1930s, probably 1934. Both vases are stamped (decor number, logo Keramis and shape number) and are in very good condition. There are no cracks to be seen and no small flakes are missing. The height of the vases is approximately 32.5 cm.

The decor with number D1847 combines both natural and stylistic elements in a strong Art-Deco design. At the bottom of the top collar, rich geometric patterns are applied in deep brown with beige. Further decoration are stylized flowers, foliage, circular concentric rings and wings. The color palette ranges from lemon to mustard and golden yellow as well as earthy red, olive green, peach and brown tones.
The vases have shape number 805, an egg-shaped shape with a wide, flared collar.

Designer Charles Catteau (1880-1966) was the artistic director of Royal Boch in the period 1920-1930. Their participation in the 'International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Art' in Paris in 1925 was innovative: the ceramist won a gold medal and began his most fruitful years in which the typical, historical Art Deco shapes and motifs emerged.

Bids are for the set.

Pair of Art Deco vases by Charles Catteau for Boch, 1930s

  • 1930

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