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This beautiful industrial studio lamp was designed by H. Busquet and manufactured by HALA (Zeist) for the German company 'Nestler'. Nestler made paper, cardboard and school supplies and became world famous for the production of cardboard Easter eggs.


The lamp is easily extendable so that it can be extended. At the bottom it has a double hinge that allows the lamp to move both 'left-right' and 'front-back'. The lampshade is mounted on a ball joint so that the light beam can be easily moved.
The heavy metal base ensures that the lamp remains stable.


The bakelite switch is located at the top of the green lampshade with beautiful patina. Nestler's decorative logo adorns the hood just below the switch.

Extendable industrial table lamp by HALA for Nestler, 1940s

  • 1940s

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