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Beautiful high Art Deco vase decorated with stylized flowers and leaves that end in a meander.


This vase with an upright neck was designed by Charles Catteau for atelier Boch, La Louvière in 1923. The vase with a height of 41 cm (!) is stamped at the bottom with decor number 762, initials BFK and shape number 785. The vase is in beautiful condition but only has a fine hairline that is certainly not disturbing (see photo). 


The vase is described on the website of the online inventory of the Catteau Collection, as well as in the book 'Charles Catteau' by Marc Pairon. Designer Charles Catteau (1880-1966) was the artistic director of Royal Boch in the period 1920-1930. Their participation in the 'International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Art' in Paris in 1925 was innovative: the ceramist won a gold medal and began his most fruitful years in which the typical, historical Art Deco shapes and motifs emerged.

Art Deco vase, Charles Catteau for BFK (Boch), 1923

  • 1923

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