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Complete set of felt figures from the Walt Disney movie 'Jungle Book'. At the time, these figures from 1966 could be saved on the basis of stamps that you found in the packages of Rombouts coffee or filters.

By submitting 5 Bons with the same number and an amount of 20 Belgian Francs you could get the corresponding figure.


The complete set is in (very) beautiful condition. The figures are each about 20 cm tall. These figures are


  • Hathi Junior the Baby Elephant 
  • Baloo the beer 
  • Kaa the snake 
  • Buzzie de gier 
  • Bagheera the panther 
  • King Louie the monkey 
  • Shere Kahn the tiger 


Complete set of 7 felt figures from Disney's Jungle Book, 1966

  • 1966

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