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Foldable stool specially made by Torck for the biggest event Belgium has ever known, namely the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels. This souvenir could be bought during Expo 58 and gave the owner the opportunity to relax.


The stool was given the name 'Setaney', which means 'put down' in the Brussels dialect. It was made in red, yellow and black, which is a reference to the Belgian 3-colour. In very limited edition it was also available in gray, now a sought-after collector's item. However, the sales figures of this 'Setaney' were disappointing, so that the large overstock after Expo 58 was destroyed. 


The stool has normal signs of wear but is otherwise in good condition. On top of the seat is the logo of the Expo 58, namely the world-famous star designed by graphic artist Lucien De Roeck. The star is the city hall of Brussels. Furthermore, all letters  are still perfectly legible, which is rather exceptional. The stool is also equipped with the original anti-slip caps at the bottom.

Torck cane chair for World Exhibition in Brussels, 1958

  • 1958

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