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Decorative school poster about the inner workings of an Astra 9mm pistol. This map was printed on linen specially designed for German police schools and used during training.


These school cards were in one limited edition and are therefore rare. The card shows signs of use, but these contribute to the authenticity and are not disturbing.


The Astra 600 9mm pistol was made in Spain during World War II and sold to Nazi Germany. In total, about 60,000 copies were made.
When the first 10,000 pistols went to Germany, France closed the supply routes. After the war, most pistols were sold to West Germany where they were mainly used by the police. The Portuguese Navy has also bought a piece. The gun was of high quality and was very accurate.


Unfortunately, due to its size/weight, this item cannot be shipped

Rare educational card of Astra 9 mm pistol for the police academy

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