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Rare hanging lamp from the 1950s by the Rotaflex brand. The lamp is completely formed by hollow wire in plastic that provides a pleasant and typical atmospheric light.


The lamp is in beautiful condition and was fitted with new cabling and ceiling cap.


Rotaflex was founded in 1953 by Bernard Stern who made the company one of the leading in the UK in just a few years. Rotaflex received several prizes, including in 1957 the coveted iF Design Award for this type of hanging lamp.


The type plastic with which the lamp is manufactured was invented by Rotaflex in collaboration with the French company ARP – L' Atelier de Recherche Plastique. The ARP was founded in 1954 by Pierre Guariche, Michel Mortier & Joseph-André Motte and ceased operation barely 3 years later.


Bulb(s) not included

Rare Rotaflex hanging lamp from the 1950s

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  • 1950s

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